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Dive into the artistry and technical prowess of metal casting with our comprehensive range of services. From intricate designs to large-scale industrial components, we specialize in delivering top-notch metal casting solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Eagles Group

established in 1989 to produce all types of castings Eagles-GP Products 

Eagles Group manufacture grinding media and all types of castings. The company’s total annual capacity expanded from 7,000 tons to 22,000 tons by the close of this year.

Alexandria Automotive Casting ( Eagles Group ) is the world class producer of casting industry as cement plant consumables, Caliper brake, Desks and .

Committing itself to meeting international quality standards of products and services 

Production capacity

20 000 tons

of grinding media / Year

2000 TONS

of wear resistant and heat resistant castings / year

22 000 TONS

overall production capacity

— what we provide —

.Our Services.

Eagles GP can offer its valued Customers with one or more of the following services


Enhance the longevity and performance of your quarry equipment with our customized metal casting solutions. We specialize in creating durable and wear-resistant components tailored to the unique demands of quarrying operations. Our commitment to precision ensures that each casting contributes to the efficiency and reliability of your quarry machinery.

Power Plants

Empower your power generation processes with our specialized metal casting services. We offer precision-engineered components for various applications within power plants. From turbine components to heat-resistant parts, our metal casting expertise ensures the reliability and efficiency of your power generation equipment.


Navigate the challenges of the mining industry with confidence by leveraging our tailored metal casting solutions. Our expertise extends to the creation of robust components designed to endure the harsh conditions of mining operations. From heavy machinery parts to wear-resistant components.

Cement Plants

Revolutionize your cement plant operations with our specialized metal casting services. We provide precision-crafted components that withstand the rigorous demands of the cement industry. From kiln components to wear-resistant parts, our expert metal casting ensures durability, efficiency, and optimal performance in every aspect of your cement manufacturing process


Optimize your aggregates processing with our metal casting excellence. We provide custom-crafted components designed to withstand the challenges of aggregate production. From crusher parts to conveyor components, our metal casting services contribute to the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

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